n., adj., & v.
1 the side or part normally nearer or towards the spectator or the direction of motion (the front of the car; the front of the chair; the front of the mouth).
2 any face of a building, esp. that of the main entrance.
3 Mil. a the foremost line or part of an army etc. b line of battle. c the part of the ground towards a real or imaginary enemy. d a scene of actual fighting (go to the front). e the direction in which a formed line faces (change front).
4 a a sector of activity regarded as resembling a military front. b an organized political group.
5 a demeanour, bearing (show a bold front). b outward appearance.
6 a forward or conspicuous position (come to the front).
7 a a bluff. b a pretext.
8 a person etc. serving to cover subversive or illegal activities.
9 (prec. by the) the promenade of a seaside resort.
10 Meteorol. the forward edge of an advancing mass of cold or warm air.
11 (prec. by the) the auditorium of a theatre.
12 a a face. b poet. or rhet. a forehead.
13 a the breast of a man's shirt. b a false shirt-front.
14 impudence.
1 of the front.
2 situated in front.
3 Phonet. formed at the front of the mouth.
1 intr. (foll. by on, to, towards, upon) have the front facing or directed.
2 intr. (foll. by for) sl. act as a front or cover for.
3 tr. furnish with a front (fronted with stone).
4 tr. lead (a band).
5 tr. a stand opposite to, front towards. b have its front on the side of (a street etc.).
6 tr. archaic confront, meet, oppose.
Phrases and idioms:
front bench Brit. the foremost seats in Parliament, occupied by leading members of the government and opposition. front-bencher Brit. such a member. front door
1 the chief entrance of a house.
2 a chief means of approach or access to a place, situation, etc. front line Mil. = sense 3 of n. front-line States countries in Southern Africa bordering on and opposed to South Africa. front man a person acting as a front or cover. front matter Printing the title-page, preface, etc. preceding the text proper. front office a main office, esp. police headquarters. front page the first page of a newspaper, esp. as containing important or remarkable news. front passage colloq. the vagina.
front runner
1 the contestant most likely to succeed.
2 an athlete or horse running best when in the lead.
in front
1 in an advanced position.
2 facing the spectator.
in front of
1 ahead of, in advance of.
2 in the presence of, confronting. on the front burner see BURNER.
frontless adj. frontward adj. & adv. frontwards adv.
Etymology: ME f. OF front (n.), fronter (v.) f. L frons frontis

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